Teller Cash Storage Lockers
Stackable lockers are available in both a stainless steel clad alloy or a more moderately priced painted 11 gauge steel finish. The doors are equipped with a single key lock or may be equipped with an optional combination lock at additional cost.
Safe Deposit Box
Interbank-Equipment is pleased to offer you the widest choice in Bank Safe Deposit Boxes, Hotel and Commercial Security Lockers, Teller Cash Tray Lockers, and Bulk Coin and Cash Lockers .
Hotel Safe Deposit Boxes
For your guests “behind the desk” storage provisions, Interbank-Equipment is pleased to offer you Hotel Safe Deposit Boxes that are cost-effective and durable.
Cash Drop Safes
Often called cash drop safes, these safes are designed to protect the collection of money, where immediate deposit is required without unlocking the safe or requiring a cashier to hold keys.
Fireproof Safes
Distributing a range of state-of-the-art fireproof document safes, fireproof media safes, and fireproof document files to suit all requirements, ranging from residential to commercial security.
High Security Safe
Our safe deposit boxes, cash safes and fireproof data safe units are all made by top quality manufacturers. Not only do we have a large selection of safety deposit boxes, but also the supplies you need to use them.
Office and Home Security Safes
The Phoenix Line of Office/Home Safes for Security and Fire Protection offer the perfect, affordable solution for home and small office document protection. Choose your size and level of protection.