Interior Pass Thru

Interior Pass Thru

Part No. / SKU: AS-0147

Price: $653.00

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AS-1047 Interior Pass Through Head and Sleeve Unit

AS-0147 Cutsheet

Stainless Steel Head & Sleeve Unit includes (ss) flange and push plate. The head attaches to interior ss sleeve by (5) ss fasteners. SS push plate attaches by (2) spring-loaded hinges.

Black Signs: “TEXT OF YOUR CHOICE” & PUSH TO OPEN. Please indicate the wording you desire on your sign in the “Special Instruction” field at checkout.

Clear opening: 3 3/4 x 12 7/8. Overall head dimension: 7 3/4 x 16 3/8.

If wall depth is greater than 3.5 inches, a delivery chute is needed. The optional delivery chute is available in varying lengths for wall depths of 4”-24”.

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