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Bullet Resistant Partition

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Bullet resistant partition for office workspace, schools or temporary security locations

The bullet resistant office and security partitions can be placed vertically or horizontally. You have a choice of 8 different protection levels and panel sizes can vary up to a 4’ x 9’. The panels can be wheeled into place when needed and wheeled back into storage when not needed. The wheeled trucks make the extra weight of the armored panels easy to move about.

Strength and Quality 

The surface is still gentle to the touch, takable, but the centered fiberglass core is exceptionally strong. Each panels features a high quality laminated bullet resistant core sandwiched inside our Molded Expanded Polystyrene (MPS). 

Bullet Resistant Core

This material is manufactured using a starch-oil woven roving ballistic grade fiberglass cloth. The cloth is mechanically injected with a thermoset polyester resin and placed in a hydraulic hot press, then pressed into flat rigid sheets. By using a starch-oil ballistic grade fiber in the cloth, the ballistic performance is maximized by consistently achieving a uniform resin to fiber ratio. This allows the proper ply delimitation to capture projectiles. Excessive resin left behind in the manufacturing process results in a thicker, less effective product. By using the correct amount of pressure and heat during the curing process, excessive resin is eliminated from Armortex Bullet Resistant Fiberglass, always resulting in a product that provides the maximum amount of protection at the lightest weight. This Bullet Resistant Fiberglass is approved by the U.S. Marshal Service, the General Services Administration, and complies with NIJ standards.


Frame: Steel
Core: Bullet Resistant Fiberglass
Exterior Material: Upholsterd in accoustic fabric

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