Air Curtains
Air Curtains are designed to produce a quiet yet steady stream of air to help guard your establishment from insects, fumes, dust, odors and other contaminants when used over drive-thru windows.
Stainless Steel shelves add customer convenience to your Deal Tray or Transaction Drawer installation.
Envelope Holders and Accessories
Envelope Holders and Accessories for Payment Drop Boxes
Tube Carriers
Pneumatic Tube Carriers for Drive Up Teller Systems
Lane Control Signs
Control your Lane Traffic with Long Lasting LED Signs
The light-weight durability of the plastic and styrene money trays will make your cash handling chores easier.
Interbank-Equipment has partnered with Quikserv Corp. to offer the finest in stainless steel and aluminum fabrication for transactions.
The Envelope DIspensers are designed to take the outdoor weather and are maintenance-free.
The file cabinets are tested by UL and carry the Class 350 - 1 hour fire resistant rating, making them perfect for storing paper records.