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Silver Line Teller Pedestal Series by Fenco

Undercounter Teller Line Furninture
Developed to perform and outlast the competition.

All materials and workmanship shall be of the very highest quality as measured by the standards of the industry. All sheet steel shall be of the best grade of mild steel known as Metallic Furniture Stock American open-hearth, free from scale and buckle. Sheets shall be cold rolled and roller leveled, reannealed, pickled and oiled. All gauges specified shall be of U.S. standard.
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Model S-202 features a pedestal Unit with 2 Adjustable Shelves behind Locking Cupboard Door

Dimensions: 19"W x 38-1/2"H x 19"D

Part: F-S-202

Price: $525.00

Model S-204 features a pedestal Unit with 2 Locking Box Drawers, 1 Adjustable Shelf behind Locking Cupboard Door

Dimensions: 19"W x 38-1/2"H x 19"D

Part: F-S-204

Price: $579.00

Model S-210 features a pedestal Unit with 1 Locking Box Drawer, 2 Legal Drawers

Dimensions: 19"W x 38-1/2"H x 19"D

Part: F-S-210

Price: $682.00

Model S-212 features a pedestal Unit with 3 Box Drawers (Lock on Top Drawer Only), 1 Legal Drawer.

Dimensions: 19"W x 38-1/2"H x 19

Part: F-S-212

Price: $722.00

Model S-214 features a pedestal Unit with 5 Box Drawers (Lock on Top Drawer Only).

Dimensions: 19"W x 38-1/2"H x 19"D

Part: F-S-214

Price: $743.00

Model S-211 features a pedestal Unit with 2 Key Locking Box Drawers Over 4 Legal Drawers.

Dimensions: 37"W x 38.5"H x 19"D

Part: F-S-211

Price: $1,089.00

Model S-251 is a Pedestal Unit with 4 Box Drawers, 1 Adjustable Shelf behind Sliding Doors.
Dimensions: 37"W x 38-1/2"H x 19"D

Part: F-S-251

Price: $881.00

Model S-603 is a Lowboy Pedestal Unit with Locking Box Drawer, 1 Adjustable Shelf behind Locking Cupboard Door

Dimensions: 19"W x 27-7/8"H x 19"D

Part: F-S-603

Price: $535.00

Model S-606 is a Lowboy Pedestal Unit with 2 Locking Box Drawers, 1 Legal Drawer All LEGAL Drawers have high sides for hanging legal file folders.

Dimensions: 19"W x 27-7/8"H x 19"D

Part: F-S-606

Price: $599.00

Model S-222 features a pedestal Unit with 2 Locking Box Drawers. The locker is equipped with 3 point boltwork, a group 2 mechanical spyproof combination lock, and a keylocking L-handle. With one adjustable shelf.

Dimensions: 19"W x 38-1/2"H x 19"D

Part: F-S-222

Price: $1,183.00

Quality Contruction and Features
Highest quality as measured by the standards of the industry.


Pedestal shells shall be an all welded, full height double wall construction, fabricated from 18 gauge steel. All corners are formed, welded and ground flush to effectuate a rigid, seamless, unibody construction. A full depth separating shelf shall be electrowelded in place between each drawer and door compartment to deny entry between same. 


The 200 Series pedestal base shall be of all-welded construction fabricated from 16 gauge. It shall provide for a 3" deep x 4" high toespace. Each corner of the base shall have four adjustable levelers to be accessible through the pedestal bottom into the base. The base shall be designed to be removable in the field. 


All drawers shall consist of the following parts: body, back, outer front, inner front and hardware. The drawer body shall be of 20 gauge steel and shall be formed with two 90 degree bends thus forming the sides and bottom. The outer front fastening shall be by interlocking lips and two metal screws allowing for easy field removal. 


Hinged doors shall be of double-wall construction. The outer door panel shall be of 20 gauge steel end sentinels. All mitered corners are acetylene welded and ground smooth. The inner panel of 20 gauge steel shall cover the lock mechanism and include sound deadening material. Door shall be equipped with institutional hinge, close on a magnetic keeper, and swing right or left. The design shall allow for field swing interchangeability. 


Sliding doors shall have the same general specifications as hinged doors. Each sliding door shall be equipped with two ball bearing sheaves and roll on sheave track in the lower guide channel. 


Metal Pretreatment: Three stage full submersion Iron Phosphate Wash System with Final Rinse containing metal Sealer. Pre-Painting treatment: Before actual painting of components, each and all surfaces of the unit shall be thoroughly wiped with a tack cloth to remove any residual contamination. Finish Coat: The finish coat of all components shall be a dry powder based industrial coating. The final finish shall consist of one or more coats to establish a dry film thickness of 1.5 mils. The gloss shall be a medium rubbed effect with a 35-45% angular sheen. All components will be oven cured at a temperature of 300 degrees for 15 minutes. A choice of 16 standard decorator colors is offered on all casework.


FENCO’S standard drawer and door locks shall be five disc tumbler, interchangeable core, paracentric keylocks. Master keying is standard. Three operating keys shall be supplied to each pedestal. Master keys are available at a nominal charge. The core changeable key is available by request and shall allow for the changing of the core without use of tools or any other means. FENCO, as a costed option, offers a high security lock alternative in the form of the Best Lock company’s bolt or snaplock interchangeable core lock series. Same can be applied to any FENCO drawer or door by specifying same on your purchase order.


FENCO offers both a 3" collar design as well as a full locker design. Both shall feature a 1 ⁄4" steel body with the option of either a 1 ⁄4" door or a 1 ⁄2" thick door. The locker door shall provide for three point, live action (up, down and side), boltwork with a full height, hinge side, dead bar. The combination lock shall be a U.L. listed lock with the option to add a keylock (for dual security) to same. The boltwork shall be thrown by a keylocking locker handle which may be keyed to, or different from, the pedestal’s drawer locks. The combination lock bolt, when thrown, shall interlock into FENCO’S live three point boltwork action to act as a fourth point. 


All drawers shall be provided with a highly perfected, three member progressive, all steel bearing, side arm suspension. The suspension shall consist of three distinct members; outer member, ball retainer with ball bearings and an inner member. Load rating of suspension not to be less than 155 lbs.