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Bullet Resistant Package ReceiversHigh Security Night Depository Boxes for BanksPrescription Drug Through the Wall Drop Box
Large Item Through the Wall Drop BoxOften called cash drop safes, these safes are designed to protect the collection of money, where immediate deposit is required without unlocking the safe or requiring a cashier to hold keys.Lobby Drop Box for Library Books and Media

Security is essential when it comes to getting paid.   Interbank has a wide range of secure boxes to fit your transaction needs. 

Drop Boxes
 are constructed of heavy gauge steel with a stainless steel head for attractive, long lasting operation.  Boxes are available for walk-up, drive-up, thru the wall, and on the wall applications.  Our choice of several designs allows them to be used as Payment Drop Boxes, Bag Depositories, and Large Item Drop Boxes. Your Drop Box is SECURE and can be INSTALLED EASILY by local contractors or your own personnel.

Click on one of the photos below to select the size and configuration that meets your needs. Drop Boxes can be installed either through a wall up to a 15” thick, wall mounted, through a doorin the ground, or on concrete in your choice of cabinet sizes.