Files: Signature Card

Interbank-Equipment is proud to offer the complete line of steel cabinetry from KORDEN. Featured products include Teller Pedestals , Teller Trucks and Vault Trucks , Cash Tray Cabinets , Signature Card Files , and Check and Micrographic Files.

KORDEN's reputation for producing the highest quality steel case goods is built on years of dedication to enhancing and refining the Cash Tray Cabinets we proudly offer our customers.

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of everyday use, KORDEN cabinetry is built to last. We use top quality, prime cold rolled steel of 18 and 20 gauge throughout our line. With over 50 years experience in supplying financial institutions with all their undercounter steel needs, KORDEN is considered by many as the industry leader.

Whether the need is for a simple currency tray, or as involved as a complete branch facility, KORDEN has the products and support in place to satisfy even the most discriminating customer.

Interbank-Equipment’s reputation for customer service and response, combined with Korden quality equipment assures you of a project that you can be confident in.

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